Our Vision

To affirm adults who are single by choice or by circumstance as whole, worthwhile persons, and meet their unique spiritual and social needs. To endeavor to reach out to all singles (i.e., never married, divorced, single parents, young adults, and widowed) by compiling relevant resources and by providing a wide array of opportunities for personal enrichment and service to others. To offer many ports of entry to supportive fellowship through a variety of activities and programs. To build a strong single-adult constituency for the purpose of edifying the church and evangelizing the lost.To develop and implement relevant educational programs for church leaders and single adults.

Our Target Audience

  • Never married
  • Young adults in their twenties and thirties
  • Divorced
  • Widow or widower
  • Single parents
  • Single grandparents
  • Middle-aged and elderly single

Single Adult Ministry can do this by…

Helping single adults to understand, to live, and to demonstrate the five purposes of the New Testament church in today’s world by:

  • Uniting through FELLOWSHIP.
  • Developing through DISCIPLESHIP (mentoring).
  • Becoming stronger through WORSHIP (prayer).
  • Nurturing their gifts through MINISTRY.
  • Expanding themselves and their ministries through EVANGELISM.

“Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!” – I Chronicles 4:10, NIV