In a nutshell, singles ministry is about ministering to people who are single. It is also about people who are single ministering.

What it comes down to is ministry. At its most basic level, it’s about reaching out and providing support, help, kindness, and love.

Singles come in all shapes and sizes. Some have never been married. Some have been engaged but things didn’t work out. Some are divorced due to circumstances beyond their control. Some are divorced of their own volition. There are widows and widowers who said, “I do” and did everything in their power to honor those vows but their time was cut short. Some have children. Some do not. Some want to marry, either for the first time or again. Some have absolutely no interest in ever entering into another romantic relationship. Others don’t know what they want.

The thing they all have in common is that they are single. Unmarried.

Within singles ministry, there are those who are hurting deeply due to relationships that have failed or simply ended. They are still reeling from the agony of rejection or struggling to pick themselves up again from the sting of the death of a loved one. Some are struggling to raise families on their own, where they once had another shoulder to lean on. Some are in pain because they have never had the chance to marry — they have let chances go by or have simply been overlooked time and time again. To these we offer hope and friendship. We open both our arms to comfort and our ears to listen. This is singles ministry.

There are those who are single because they are still waiting. They are not necessarily in pain, but they sometimes find it hard to relate to their friends who are married. They are the third, fifth, seventh, etc. wheels who their couple friends welcome but don’t really know what to do with. To these we offer a place to belong. We open our homes and hearts to you, showing you that within us, you are never an outcast. This is singles ministry.

There are those who are ready to move on and long for a first or another relationship. They are the ones who have been set up on countless blind dates, who have hoped time and time again that this one would be “the one” and just haven’t crossed that new horizon yet. To these we offer love. Within our ranks are others who are in the same place and, in God’s will and His timing, we pray that you will find one another. This is singles ministry.

There are also those who have set their lives aside, fully consecrated to God, and have no intention of ever marrying. They feel loneliness set in at times, but know it is God’s will that they remain unmarried until He directs them in a different path, if ever. They have met with countless people who do not understand and constantly try to fix them as if they are broken and can only be healed by marriage. To these we offer understanding. We share the state you are in and we extend our to you our compassion and admiration, not our judgment. This is singles ministry.

We come together as a group, a representative of one on our own, but united with each other. We know when to talk and when to remain silent. We understand the need for laughter and tears. We feel hurt and we find healing. We mourn and we rejoice. At times we feel lonely but understand that we are never alone. As individuals we are diverse. As a group we are a united force. We shape the world. We possess strength deeper than many can understand. We reach out to those in need and minister to the hurting. We are singles and this is singles ministry. Join us!