Sandra Chambers is a preacher's kid. Home missions is where she learned about ministry: how to love people, play music, sing, teach Sunday School, and make peanut brittle – lots and lots of peanut brittle. She re-entered single life after 26 years of marriage. A mother of three, she was a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom who found herself trusting God to provide like she never had before. He's been faithful!!! He opened the door for her to work at The Spirit of Freedom Ministries where their mission is to help the chemically dependent find freedom from the chains of addiction. She attends New Life of Metairie , LA, where she is the singles ministry leader and plays keyboard for the music ministry team. She was recently appointed Singles Ministry Leader for the Louisiana District where she hopes to bring awareness to and share the vision of singles ministry with pastors and churches across the great state of Louisiana.