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These words on their own seem negative and abandoned. In fact, the words themselves are as lonely is the ideas they represent. When we take a word like “single” or “solo” and isolate it from all other phrases, it is a solitary scratching on the vast, desolate landscape of the blank page. It requires context in order to enjoy a fuller meaning.

And so we add one simple word to the mix: flying.

Flying solo. Suddenly there is a marked shift in meaning.

The first solo flight is that precarious moment when the amateur pilot tentatively adjusts his suit and makes his way toward the aircraft that will forever change his career path. He takes the usual precautions. He mentally reviews the maneuvers he will have to perform – this time completely on his own. He tries to control the nerves that send tremors through his hands. He revels in his ever-quickening heartbeat as he enters the cockpit. He checks his instruments and sets his course across the runway. His fingers brush against the yoke in anticipation.

Then comes that pivotal moment when the plane breaks free from the ground and propels him into the horizon. He slips the surly bonds of earth and darts through the clouds until the earth below him – and all its problems – become so small that he cannot even make out the details. It’s the stuff of dreams – the day he finally gets to leave the instructor behind as he soars into the heavens all alone, breaking the sound barrier and becoming a part of the sky he could only wonder about as a child.

This is solo flight. It is the point of embarkation for the journey of a lifetime and beyond. And, for the first time in the pilot’s life, the adventure is his and his alone.

What a difference one word can make! It contextualizes and transforms a mundane existence into excitement. Loneliness gives way to independence and singleness suddenly finds itself possessed of a strength it could never have imagined.

As you have probably noticed, the title of this blog is “Flying Solo.” It serves a dual capacity in that it catalogues the incredible journey of the single adult and it provides context. When we are on our own, our experiences – particularly our trials and hardships – often define us. However, when we unite with others with similar stories, we suddenly come to see that we have a place. We are not alone. Instead of being defined as single, solitary, solo, lonely individuals, we take our place in a family that understands who we are.

And so we would like to invite you on this solo flight.

We pray that the words you will find here will be a blessing to you. We hope to offer you something useful for whatever stage of this journey you are in. In this blog, you will find resources for beginning your ministry. You will read testimonials of people who have overcome incredible circumstances. You will find words of peace and encouragement to help you in difficult times. You will find humor that will help you to find your smile even on your most stressful days. You will also find help, support, and encouragement for dealing with death, divorce, single parenting, and many other issues that single adults face on a daily basis.

Most importantly, though, we hope you will come to see this place in your life as the incredible opportunity that it is: a solo flight. Amelia Earhart is credited with the saying: “flying solo makes your wings stronger.” Embrace this chance to strengthen your wings. Enjoy the enhanced relationship with God that awaits you. It is a time to come to know Him in an intensely personal way.

You are hereby invited to stretch your wings, leave behind the trappings of everything you have known, and explore the higher plane that you are destined to inhabit.

Check your instruments and prepare for takeoff.

Cheri Grissom

Dr. Cheri Grissom is a passionate pursuer of all that is lovely. She is a missionary kid who seeks out adventure and serendipity in everyday life – especially if it involves shoes and/or chocolate. She is also a daydreamer, an eternal student, an occasional teacher, and a devoted bookworm. She has served in music/media ministries at her church but currently she serves on the UPCI SAM Committee as the Educational Resources Coordinator and Editor of the “Flying Solo” blog. She also serves on the Texas District Singles Committee. When she is not pursuing her love of words and music she can be found teaching the most amazing students in the world at Texas Bible College where she serves as Dean of Christian Education and Instructor of Missions and Christian Education. Visit her on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

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