Healing: Brokenness, Pain, Process, and Restoration

We have all, in some capacity, experienced brokenness. You may have faced a broken bone, a shattered dream, a broken heart or even a broken spirit. But the healing process is very similar in each case.

Healing Broken Bones

I would like to start with how bones are healed. I’ve broken numerous bones in my body in situations from car wrecks to dropping objects on me throughout my life. I remember one specific break that was the most painful. A 2-inch piece of my tibia and all my wrist bones in my left arm were broken when an airbag deployed on my locked wrist. My arm looked like the letter “S” and it was excruciatingly painful.

When I arrived at the ER, the technicians attempted to set the bone that had popped out of my arm. This process was so unbearably painful I blacked out. These people were nurses and doctors — trained healers who took what was a horrible pain and made it, well, worse! You would think they would do whatever they could to help me not hurt so badly, but that was not their primary concern. They were looking to the long term and seeing that if that bone was not properly set, I’d lose the function of my left arm and hand completely. I’d be permanently deformed. I would need life-long assistance in even menial tasks like tying my shoes or putting on my clothes. The pain they inflicted was a by-product of a greater good. They were trying to save the usefulness of my arm.

Healing Broken Hearts

So, let’s apply this knowledge of healing to another type of brokenness; a broken heart, perhaps. You can only receive a broken heart after loss of something dearly loved. You tie your soul and your emotions to people, things, animals, or even jobs and you wrap your affections around them. You pour attention on them and invest your time and money in them. You give of yourself to these objects of love. Then, when you lose one, by death, falling out, or breaking apart, you are left with less than what you started. You don’t get back all the pieces of yourself that you invested. You don’t get back the whole and healthy heart that you loved with. You get torn, fragmented pieces and aching memories. You are left with shambles and instructed to “move on.”

Then you go to Jesus, the great Physician, and He gives you a comforting peace of mind assuring you that He’s with you. But then He begins to scrape at your shattered pieces. He puts them in a fire and burns off all the cords that bound them to your past relationship. Then He binds your shattered heart together with burning, liquid gold. In the end, you are more beautiful than you were before, but the process is excruciating, long, and tedious. If at any point in the process, you resist or take control, He waits patiently for you to return so that He can start over again. His patience is immeasurable, but the healing cannot continue if you are not in perfect (mature) submission.

Healing Broken Families

Do you have a broken family? God can restore it. He can fill the voids and make it new. He can do anything, but it will follow His order and His process, not ours. You bring God your broken family and watch Him begin to bring up bitterness out of the depths that you thought you had conquered. He will reveal to you pride in your spirit that you never saw before. He will show you areas where you are not fully submitted that need attending. He’s weeding out the seed that should not be replicated. Trust the process.

You will bring God a broken family and, if you don’t realize the process, you will think it can never be fixed. You will begin to believe that you are the reason it is broken and that with you in the picture, the book might as well be closed because restoration isn’t possible. That is a lie. God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or even think, but it must go through the process. Give God your brokenness and trust the painful process He takes you through on the journey to healing and restoration.


God longs to bring us all to a place of restoration. He desires to redeem every moment that we place in His hands. He needs us to be witnesses for Him. He needs us to be made overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony. God choses to reach the world through His body, the church. We must be willing vessels — conduits of His spirit, that all would be able to see who He is through the lives we live and the redemption we experience. Don’t give up in the process. Don’t let go because the pain feels like more than you can bear. Cry, scream, yell, and shout if you must, but don’t get out of His hands. Trust the One who created you to bring you healing that you couldn’t dream of and you will not be let down.


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Corrie Staggs Colwick

Corrie is a single mother to two beautiful children. She is an active member of her local congregation and is the Ellipsis/DivorceCare leader. She was born and raised Apostolic and loves sharing how the fiery trials she has endured are being turned into beauty by Jesus.


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